I am a painter from the Hill Country of central Texas, located near Austin. Here you will find landscapes, bison/buffalo, stock cars, and wildflower paintings of Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes. All my work is done in oils and ranges in size from minature, 3''x5'', to larger such as 4'x3'.

I also paint commissions mostly of Texas landscapes that vary in size such as 8''x 48'' for hanging in 'dead spaces' over cabinets and doorways which often times are scenes derived from views on the property. I employ a variety of approaches such as folkart based on childhood memories and drawings of buffalo and vintage jalopy stock cars to representational, impressionist derived landscapes with a liberal dose of color; a 'colorist' point of view if you will.

I originally grew up in South Dakota where I learned to paint landscapes, nature, and wildlife on the plains of the Midwest. I have been in Texas since 1976 and now my landscapes and wildflower paintings reflect this unique area. I consider myself a Texas artist for the way the region has influenced my work. I hope you enjoy your visit to my gallery and come back soon for new work.

 All the work displayed currently are one-of-a kind originals.  

More paintings can be seen from my previous website, 'The Art of Jim Geier'.  For in depth descriptions, backgrounds, and stories about my artwork, visit my Artist Facebook Page at 'Jim Geier Paintings'.  Thank You